Saturday, December 12

Program Affiliate - Clicking For Riches

Today, I will sharing one thing with all of you about the affiliate program for who is out of work which is Clicking For Riches Program..

This affiliate program serve their services as following as below:

# Free Live Stats 24/7
# 24 Hour Unique Hits
# Very Affordable Advertising Rates!
# Great for Affiliate Pages or Ptp Pages!
# They Offer Banner Ads, Text Ads, & Link Ads
# Automated Transactions thru Paypal


How about the Payout Restriction?


All countries are accepted as long as you can read, write and understand English.
Please see terms.



Please see Terms page:
$1.00 Paypal Payout!
Referral Earnings 5% - 15%!
Paid to Promote (5c/1000cpm)!
Paid to Click Ads!
Paid to Read Ads!
Click Exchange!
Banner Ads!
Featured Banner Ads!
Lots of Contests!
Free to Join!

ONLY Search Friendly countries (Tier 1 & 2 Countries) can request payout, meaning that the remaining countries can only use their earnings to redeem for ads.

This is to make sure everyone understands the payout terms.

Here is the list of Tier 1 & 2 countries:

Tier 1 Countries :

-United Kingdom
-United States

Tier 2 Countries :

-New Zealand

If you don't mind, sign up, Free To Join by Clicking Here!

P.S: Dont forget to read the terms & conditions carefully.
Anda Baca lah & fahamkan yer.....sorry sgt, xsempat nak publish guna BM..

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Admin Buat-Duit-Lumayan said...

Salma hayek,

haiyaa... flooadgates ke. Fulamak. sy pun tak pndai bhse E sangat. tapi thanks atas tve semngat tu ye.. ? :)

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